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    In 1996 we opened our first location in Brookline, Massachusetts. At the time it was a Shell oil company gas station. In addition to gasoline we offered a complete auto service. Our philosophy of business was to interact with the customer as much as possible in order to understand their needs. We understood it is imperative to listen and understand the customer’s vehicle symptoms or needs. After diagnosing the vehicle, we call the customer and make the recommendations necessary to repair  the vehicle and explain the estimated cost of the job.  If necessary,  we make recommendations for a preventative maintenance schedule to avoid future problems. Upon completion of work we notify the customer and discuss any questions. This type of philosophy made our customer feel safe and comfortable through the experience of repairing and maintaining their vehicle.

    Most of our customers are referred to us by other customers. We continually working to improve services to make the experience for our customer easys and without concern. We understand that car repair pose unnecessary pressure on customers in addition to the day to day concerns.

     Customer communication is only one part of our business. It is very crucial to have the right equipment, documentation and well trained mechanics to keep up with the advancement of new technology. We sent our technicians to special classes to learn about the new systems and the integration between car and computers. We also invested money in purchasing new equipment to meet the new generation of vehicles. Although most systems in cars are the same in principle as 30 years ago they are enhanced with new electronic components. For example a break system is still consists of pads rotors and calipers. However, the Brake pads have a special sensor that indicates the remaining use of those pads before they wear out and cause additional damage. There are additional sensors that control the way we break. In order to avoid locking the brake system and skidding, in emergency stopping or wet road, a system known as ABS was introduced. So as the technology advances we follow to meet our customers’ needs.

      Adhering to our philosophy and learning from our customers we felt that we should expand and offer our services at other locations. In 2003 we purchased our second location in West Roxbury and a year later we purchased a location in Westwood. In both locations we offer the same quality work and services. Recently we added a new location in Manchester by the Sea. In that location we offer auto detailing. We stand behind our work and offer a nationwide warranty for 12 months or 12,000 miles whichever comes first. Some of our shops are AAA preferred repair shop location and a certified emission repair shop by RMV, also ASE certified.

      Since our locations are located in residential areas, we feel as a appreciation and thanks to give back to the surrounding community and schools. We make an effort to donate and support many activities and events in the communities..

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